Commercial Conveyancing

All real estate associated with businesses and multiple residential units is usually called Commercial Property.

At Bradberrys, we have a wide-ranging experience and are well placed to advise both individuals and small businesses in their acquisition and sale of commercial property. We regularly act for clients both those that acquire freehold buildings with multiple tenants and those who acquire such property for own use and business such as shops, pubs, hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants to offices, warehouses and developments.

We assist our clients with:

  • Purchase and sale of freehold and leasehold commercial property, with astute negotiations as to the terms of such transfers and leases
  • Licences and Option Agreements
  • Planning matters associated with commercial property including Section 106 Agreements
  • Collateral Warranties
  • Telecommunication leases
  • Matters related to easements and rights of way and restrictive covenants in land

We specialise in Portfolio Property re-finance and corporate secured lending. We are able to deal with stringent lender requirements in a structured and efficient manner and propose appropriate solutions to successfully conclude such transactions.

At Bradberrys we offer a wide range of services, providing high-quality specialist advice for all our clients. For any further please contact us on